It is the mission of Venom Volleyball Club (VVC) to provide an affordable, positive, competitive youth volleyball experience for player, parent, team and coach. We emphasize long-term player development of physical, emotional and social skills. While winning is an absolute priority in volleyball, winning will not be placed above good sportsmanship (defined as respecting rules, procedures, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents and oneself). Our values are rooted in faith-based ministry. It is our goal to create an environment that will benefit the individual as well as the team.


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team? Whatever level you play at, volleyball can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength, coordination and build character. Whether you are looking to play casually in our recreational league or competitively with one of our club teams, you'll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.


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